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I moved to Claremont, California in June,  2013 from the UK after the death of my husband in September, 2011.   Although I grew up in Santa Ana, a stone’s throw, relatively speaking, from Claremont, life after high school  took me on a circuitous path to northern California, my first marriage, motherhood,   and later on to France and England where I lived for over 20 years.

In Paris, I worked for the French fireworks company, Ruggieri, which brought the bicentennial fireworks displays to Washington, DC.  The company was already in existence at the time of Thomas Jefferson’s stay in Paris.  As part of the Jeffersonian exhibitions in 1976, Ruggieri recreated an 18th century display on the reflecting pool in front of the Senate building, complete with Handel’s water music, similar to one which he might have seen in Paris.

I also wrote and published a bi-lingual newsletter for French businesses seeking to do business in the United States, and worked in public relations and advertising for several years.

In France, I met and married my second husband, and later we returned to his homeland, England.  As a result I am infinitely enriched by the addition of his 3 children and 7 grandchildren to my own 3 boys and 4 grandchildren.

My creative writing career  began in my early teens.  I wrote my first short story at 13, and at 14 one of my  poems was published in “Young America Sings”.  It  but has been sporadic since then, as life had other plans for me, until now.  I hope to make up for lost time.

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  1. Gabriele

    You have led a very interesting life, Kathleen . Love the remarks about the fireworks – how strange that they have been in France for so long because Ruggieri is a very Italian name . See you soon, Gabriele

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