Our gift this month has been soft, sunshiny days and warm nights. Autumn is my favorite time of year, the time when I feel nature take a deep breath before plunging into winter's profound sleep, after the explosive growth of spring and summer. The trees still have their leaves, although you can feel the trees sighing, ready to let them  go, and the soft-edged sunshine still warms.

Our vegetable garden is still producing lots of runner beans, chard, and celery, and we're hoping for turnips, leeks, and red cabbage for winter. We'll keep our fingers crossed, as it is all an experiment. The carrots were pretty pitiful, tiny and underdeveloped, the radishes went all leaves and woody red knobs, the green onions variable.

Going out to pick vegetables for dinner has been such a pleasure for both of us that we will try again next year, now we know what works well for us. We are getting tired of runner beans, though; I'll have to find a recipe for green bean chutney.

One thought on “September

  1. Sandy Nalle

    I’m sending this because I’m not real confident that the Facebook message I sent got through. I now get almost one Facebook message per day and I am not smart enough to make it work – or not.
    Sounded like your husband had an accident while leaving hospital. Bad deal – sorry to hear it. Hope that all turns out OK. As you know, the Dnglish are more than resilient – they are tough. All the best to the other Hall.
    Sandy Nalle