Sunday morning snow

Imgp6194_2 We woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow on rooftops and cars. The temperature was already up to 33F, though, so I bundled up in tights, corduroys, undershirt, t-shirt, sweater, quilted jacket, white wool scarf, ski hat, thick socks, and mittens, to take Tasha for her morning walk. She is still coughing occasionally, but still loves her walks and prances around waiting for me to put all these clothes on, and then, after all that, my wellies.

It is misty and damp, and the snow is melting fast. What is it about snow that is so exciting, at least for me? Maybe it is my California upbringing, where snow was a rare treat to be found only in the mountains, or does everyone feel that way? It is a stunning, overnight transformation of leafless branches and barren fields into Christmas trees and sugar-frosted vistas, the change from the mundane to the magical.

One thought on “Sunday morning snow

  1. Nalle, Alexander, one each

    As before, this is great stuff. Really interesting. Your descriptions of buildings, food and the countryside are first rate.
    Does Wendy House come from Peter Pan or some other equally neat English idea?
    Tell your pal who gripes about Texan commentary on his accent to count his lucky stars that he could actually understand the Texan.
    A Happy Thanksgiving to all on the sceptered isle.
    Sandy Nalle