I had faggots for lunch yesterday.  Two round, dark brown balls appeared from the pub’s kitchen, nestled in a soft bed of mashed potatoes.  No, don’t be vile.  Not testes, and not made from bundles of wood or of anything else, except liver, ground and spiced.  I looked up the word in my Collins English Dictionary, to see what, if any, connection there might be between this culinary anomaly and the slang word for male homosexuals. 

I found "fag" as a noun, meaning a "boring or wearisome task", and 2, (I think I hit paydirt here)," Brit., (esp. formerly) a young public school boy who performs menial chores for an older boy or prefect."  No comment.

A fag is also the nasty end of a used cigarette (if there is an end which isn’t nasty), or the end bit of anything, or bundles of anything, wood, iron bars, cloth, sticks.  There are also verbs and adjectives, faggoting and faggoty, and even fagaceous, a genus of trees, and a faggot vote.  Look it up. 

Publishable feedbacks and comments are welcome.  (No photo album attached.  Forgot my camera.  Darn. )

One thought on “FAGGOTS

  1. Jim

    And don’t forget “faggot” derives ultimately from the Latin “fasces,” which is a bundle of sticks with an axe enclosed. Apparently it was a symbol for power in ancient Rome. Mussolini’s party adopted it as their icon, thus “fascist” entered our vocabulary.