No, no, are you dreaming?  Not me.   The daughter of friends of ours in France, Monica Browning,  is climbing this 5985 METER mountain for a charity, VSO, or Voluntary Service Overseas.   Monica is an amazing woman, who has done more in her short life than I will have done at the end of my already much longer one.  She  traveled for several months through China, and not the luxury tour, either.  She has run the London marathon, is an expert sailor, snorkeler, and banker, who  speaks at least 3 languages well.  She speaks English, of course, as her father is English, Spanish due to her Columbian mother, and French just for the heck of it, I guess.  On top of it all, she is pretty, modest, personable, sensitive and kind.  And I’m certain I’ve left a lot out.  So, here is the site where you can help her reach her fund raising goal if your are so moved:  >  The deadline for contributing is April 4th.

The picture if of Monica, her  father, Bernard and me sailing in Corsica a few years ago.