A little more Buenos Aires –

We visit other parts of the city, including a very colorful area where the corrugated iron houses are painted bright green, red, yellow;  any color which is available in left over paint, it seems.  At least, that was the origin of the color near the dock.  This is Caminitos, an area of touristy shops and music and energy, plus a street devoted to art stalls with lots of paintings, etchings, collages of the houses in the area itself, plus tango poses.  That’s pretty much the entire range of subjects.

At the end of this street is the dock, not much to look at and yet still a working boat yard.  It is called La Boca, where the river Plate meets a tributary whose name I don’t remember. 
Adjacent to the docks, under the railway bridges and along the river, is a shanty town of unpainted corrugated tin shacks where children play listlessy in the dirt.  It is in stark contrast to the opulence of La Recoleta. 

Gonzalo told us that medical care is free, and I am very glad of that.  Universities, he says are also free.  Good for Argentina.