Out with the old —

I undress and stretch out on crisp,  white sheets tucked into a blond wood bed frame.  The light is low, soothing,  the room sparsely decorated. Stone- ware pottery  stands on a shelf, a monotone print in grays and  whites hangs on the wall.   Dr Fei begins with my head, pressing gently, then harder,   finding places in my head which I didn’t know were sore.  Moves on to my face, my eyes, my ears.  Now she asks me to turn over and works on my shoulders and my neck, again finding the painful places and pressing until the pain lessens.  My back gets a brisk rub with eucalyptus oil, or anyway something tangy and stimulating which feels cold and hot at the same time.   Her hands are strong and sure.  She knows where to press to find the points which need attention, finds them all on my hips, thighs, the back of my knees, calves, and finally feet. 

  • It  feels right, like I’ve wanted to be touched in just those places for years.  Even when it hurts a little, it feels healing

I turn onto my back again to receive the needles.  She inserts two in my scalp, then carefully places several around the infection in my chest.  I have needles placed on my belly, my arms and hands, and my legs.  The needles on my legs are attached to a device that sends electrical current through them in pulsing waves.  It is distressing at first, then I get used to it, and I fall into a drowsy, relaxed state.  A buzzer sounds and Dr. Fei returns to turn off the machine and take out the needles.  I’m up, dressed and into the reception room for a cookie, green tea, and 3 green grapes.    I’ll return in two days. 

  • I am tired in the evening, and thirsty.  I go to bed at my usual time, around 10:30.  In the morning, I find that the infection on my chest has broken, relieving the pressure causing the pain, and releasing the yuckiness inside.  I feel happy when I wake up.  I have no anxiety, and start on a project (throwing away clothes I have carted around from France to two houses in Britain and never wear) which I’ve been putting off for years now.  I’m throwing clothes out of stuffed drawers and into bags to go out the door, like the infection in my chest has oozed out of my body.

The following day I continue my project.  I am not tired.  I walk Tasha rapidly, and although my knees are not pain free, they feel looser, and I feel more comfortable walking.  When I weigh myself, I find I have lost 2 pounds.  I am definitely looking forward to my next treatment.