The Wedding Reception


The ceremony, such as it is, is concluded, the papers signed by the married couple and four of their children.  Outside, some of the men have lined up on either side of the entrance to the mairie, tennis rackets,  decorated with flowing white ribbons, raised in salute and joining at the top to form a peak.Imgp4177  Many of the guests know Lise and Sven from the Callian tennis club; others, like me, from a painting course in Montauroux.   The men’s voices are raised in a stirring chorus of  Nabucco’s "Le Chant des Esclaves" as the pair come through the door.  Sven wipes tears of appreciation away.  Rose petals are tossed over them.

There are some family group pictures, of course, then hand-shaking and more hugs, then some  of us head back to La Grenadiere, their house which is 5 minutes away, to help prepare for the reception, others go home to prepare food for the dinner.Imgp4189

  • Then it’s party time in earnest.  Lots of champagne, including a Soupe Champagnoise  prepared by a M.  Proust (yes!) which is delicious; wine, lovely delicious home-made aperitifs – little pizzas, guacamole, cheese breads, stuffed mushrooms.  The main course is  a perfectly cooked roast beef hovered over by Sven’s son Christian, who is a chef, followed later by  LA PIECE MONTEE.Imgp4193

This is traditional at French weddings, and what a treat.   Filled cream puffs are glued with caramel to a foil-covered upside-down cone  to form a tower, then more caramel is drizzled over the surface to form a glaze over the entire cone. This one is home-made, which I greatly admire, as it is extremely difficult to prepare, and has entered La Grenadiere to a fanfare of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", which it deserves. 

Dancing goes on until 2:00 Am, at which time guests are thrown out by Les MARIES. (  The bride and groom).  I assume they want to consummate their marriage.